A short story about Tano's sisters, Luna and Soleil

Thease are Tano's siters: the grey colored is Luna and the cream one is Soleil.
They both live in Germany, in the same household.
Once a year they come to Romania to visit their brother  well, actually their human parents have relatives to visit here ;).
As fine true ladies they are, first they go to the groomer.

Wow, sis'! You look so cool !
I must do something with my hair too...

Oh, I don't know... Maybe if you could
lift your topknot just a little bit...(NEXT)


Yes, that's a good idea!
I can see they've got a lot of beauty stuff here.
I wonder if I can find something
in my favorite colour...(NEXT)


Well, what do you think of my hair now?...
Thank you. I know that pink always becomes me.


Sisters decided to take a nap, while waiting for Tano. Luna dropped her hair-clip to be more comfotable, but Soleil decided to lay down in front of the door, to be sure she will be the first aware of her brother's arrival. She always loved him the most!

Luna Soleil


That's all, falks !