Andrea's hounds. Photo album title.


Here is my favorite
funny photo of my first Afghan, Tano.

He was 1 1/2 years old in this photo.

Tano is playful. His best friends
are the Huskies.

He also loves to chase...
...any big black bitch.
He adores the Schnauzers
and the Great Danes.

Tano's favorite treats
are the carrots.

 A short story
about Tano's sisters

(in pictures)

Tano chasing brunettes
at the seaside.

Tano, my first Afghan Hound.

Walking dog gif.

Thease are Glory's
first funny photos

She was 6 weeks old. Can you tell she is an Irish Wolfhound? Click on any photo and jump to her website.

Glory is 6 years old now,
but she still thinks
that Tano is her mother.

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Click on any of the photo
on the right
to read about Glory's parents.


Glory and her littermates. Saga of Glory O'Brian - 6 w. old

Glory hopes one day she will be
even more charming than her mom...
RCh Hany Istok Ada  -   below, on the right .

Hany Istok Ada. Click to read her pedigree.

Glory's website

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